Donating Goals In All
50 States Every Year

Donating Goals In All 50 States Every Year

“My hope is that through this endeavor, more kids and adults can play lacrosse… and with lacrosse goals on fields nationwide, the world will soon have that same visual I had growing up -- making lacrosse more recognizable, aspirational and accessible.”

Helping Shape the
Future of Lacrosse

Helping Shape the Future of Lacrosse

My childhood memories were full of local basketball hoops, baseball diamonds and soccer fields. Fast forward 20 years, even as a pro it was difficult for me to find a lacrosse field to practice on. I want to change that.

Presenting Goals for Greatness. A commitment to resourcing lacrosse goals in all 50 states, every year.

I want the next generation to have time and room to experiment. For free play. Creativity and competition. A space to imitate the pros and, eventually, to become one.

In my 23rd year of playing lacrosse, I finally learned that it was never about the outcome. It was always about the game. The game is meant to be played, not won. There is no winning, as there is no end. So I’ll continue to compete, win, lose, sprint, fall, and get back up again. I hope you can do that with me on fields across America.

50 States. 100 Goals.

Goals for Greatness made its way across the United States in 2022 to provide greater access to the game of lacrosse.

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